Anies Baswedan Has the Strategy and Experience to Lead Jakarta into a Global City

YOGYAKARTA – Anies Baswedan has a lot of assets to become the leader of Jakarta as a Global City with the enactment of the Special Capital Region (DKJ) Law. Anies's assets include integrity, competence, managerial skills, leadership, and networks from local, national, and even international levels.

Political Observer Prof. R. Siti Zuhro said that several names have already emerged in the Jakarta Gubernatorial Election contest, one of them being Anies Baswedan. The emergence of Anies is not surprising because, in terms of criteria, Anies has a comprehensive set of assets.

This Principal Researcher in Politics at the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) said that in the 2024 Gubernatorial Election, Anies is considered a competent star. It should be noted that according to the DKJ Law, Jakarta is moving towards becoming a Global City, which requires a competent leader in line with Jakarta's context as a Global City, a global business and economic center, and more.

“Talking about a Global City requires a leader with technocratic and entrepreneurial skills. Anies, in this case, has expertise in economics and technocracy, which gives him a significant advantage. It will be even better if his partner is right,” she explained during the Weekend Discussion held by the Forum of Professors and Doctors Insan Cita themed “Assessing Anies Baswedan's Chances in the 2024 Jakarta Gubernatorial Election” via Zoom, attended Sunday, June 23, 2024 evening.

Prof. Wiwiek, as Siti Zuhro is familiarly called, stated that Anies can be said to have a comprehensive set of assets. “These assets include Anies's integrity, competence, managerial skills, leadership, and networks from local, national, and even international levels,” she said.

The recipient of the Bawaslu Awards for Favorite Political Observer revealed that Anies has many advantages, such as an excellent track record. During his five years leading Jakarta, there were no social upheavals or other negative issues. “There were even remarkable achievements recognized by many parties,” she said.

Anies's advantages also include a strong network. His experience in the 2024 Presidential Election provided significant added value. “His network has expanded and broadened. Anies is considered a competent candidate in debates, including in the ‘Desak Anies’ event during the presidential campaign, which became a phenomenon,” she explained.

According to her, Anies's campaign model is unprecedented. “We did not witness such detailed aspects about Anies in the 2017 regional election. Anies's eloquence on stage, delivering arguments, including in spontaneous situations, was exceptional,” she explained.