Jakarta Residents Display Banners Expressing Support for Anies to Lead Again

JAKARTA– Residents are united in requesting Anies Baswedan to lead Jakarta again. This request is evident from banners placed at various points throughout the metropolitan city.

These banners express their hope that Fery Farhati's husband will run again in the 2024 Jakarta Gubernatorial Election.

From photos received on Sunday, June 9, 2024, there are dozens of banners featuring Anies Baswedan's image spread across various locations, especially in East Jakarta.

One such banner on Wijaya Kusuma Street, Duren Sawit District, East Jakarta, reads: "LEAVE ALL JAKARTA'S PROBLEMS TO THE EXPERT. ANIES BASWEDAN."

Another banner on Segaran Street, Cipayung District, East Jakarta, states: "Brother ANIES, let's manage JAKARTA again, better than worrying about those others."

While a banner on East Bekasi Road, Pulo Gadung District, East Jakarta, proclaims: "Jakarta residents can't move on from Brother ANIES, let's gather again."

It's known that recently, not only through banners put up by Jakarta residents, but the community also supports Anies Baswedan by forming volunteer nodes and declaring that the former Rector of Paramadina University should run in the Jakarta Gubernatorial Election.

Moreover, many political parties are expected to endorse Anies Baswedan. These parties include PKS, PKB, NasDem, and PDIP, which have all hinted at supporting the former Minister of Education in Jakarta's political contest.

Maintaining a Calm and Peaceful Atmosphere

National figure Anies Baswedan is grateful that during his five years leading Jakarta, the atmosphere in the city was very conducive.

"I am thankful that during our five-year term, Jakarta was calm, peaceful, and usually tranquil. This goes unnoticed until there's tension, when it's calm, usually no one realizes, but when it becomes tense, people notice," Anies told the media during a 'Cross-Faith Dialogue' at Wisma Sangha Theravada, Pondok Labu, South Jakarta, on Saturday, June 8, 2024.

He hopes such an atmosphere will continue in Jakarta and Indonesia.

"But what we experienced was not just five calm and peaceful years. We hope this calm, peaceful atmosphere will continue," he said.

Regarding whether or not he will run to lead Jakarta again in the next five years, Anies admitted he is still discussing and exchanging ideas as much as possible in response to the Jakarta Gubernatorial Election 2024. The former Governor of Jakarta asked parties to wait for his decision.

"As for me, what I said yesterday is that we are currently having many discussions and exchanging ideas about what steps will be taken in Jakarta, let's just wait for later," he added.

Previously, PKB's DPP Chairman Daniel Johan stated that this event was part of the Vesak Day celebrations, framed as a dialogue of civilizations, preserving life, and caring for the world.

Moreover, Daniel said, Anies Baswedan has a proven track record during his five years leading Jakarta, successfully creating a diverse yet serene atmosphere.

"Why do we bring Mr. Anies? Because Mr. Anies concretely, not just planned, but has already realized steps when he was Governor of Jakarta," Daniel told the media.

"Thus, from this diversity, we are grateful for the calm, peaceful atmosphere, tolerance, and communication of various religions that have been well conducted," he continued.

Even though there was tension during the last presidential election, it ended beautifully.

"So today, we ask Mr. Anies to share with us all, and the religious leaders also agree that these things will increasingly be realized together," he revealed.