Anies, the Governor Needed to Address Complex and Diverse Issues in Jakarta

JAKARTA– Herawati, the chair of the PEJUANG Anies Baswedan (ABW) volunteer node in East Jakarta, stated that a figure like Anies Baswedan is greatly needed to rectify the multitude of problems in the Jakarta Special Region (DKJ). Based on his track record, Anies is believed to be able to rectify Jakarta in his second term.

She stated this, Tuesday, June 4, 2024, in response to the news about Anies' candidacy for the DKJ Governor position for the 2024-2029 period. She follows the direction of the DPP PEJUANG ABW, which decided to collectively strive to win Anies in Jakarta.

“I personally fully support Mr. Anies’ nomination as Governor of DKJ and am ready to win him in East Jakarta. Although in the Jakarta Presidential Election, according to the KPU, Mr. Anies lost, but we believe he was cheated,” said the private employee residing in Rawamangun.

She added that Anies' role was proven in the last Legislative Election. Supporting parties such as NasDem, PKB, and PKS gained additional seats in the Legislative, both centrally and in the DPRD. Also, in the AMIN Presidential Election, he won in East Jakarta. This means a strong basis for Anies’ Volunteers to be solid and determined to win Anies in the DKJ local election, especially in East Jakarta.

The steps taken for winning are to immediately form the management of Volunteers for Joint Change in East Jakarta at the village, sub-district, and TPS levels to coordinate strategic steps for Anies' victory in this year's gubernatorial election in Jakarta.

Good Performance

Hera, her nickname, stated that Jakarta currently needs a leader like Anies Baswedan. During his tenure as Governor, he performed well, especially in transportation, bureaucracy development, and human resource enhancement.

“Currently, Anies' electability in Jakarta is still high. Even PDIP is heard considering supporting Anies. I think the energy, knowledge, and ideas that Anies possesses are still greatly needed in developing Jakarta,” she said.

The lower-class community, vulnerable to arbitrary power, still needs Anies. Places like Kampung Bayam, Kampung Akuarium, the banks of the Ciliwung River, Tanah Merah, and others.

Anies has a presidential aura. Although his official position is Governor, his actions in protecting the lower classes make him seem like a President caring for all people. “Therefore, he should be elected again so that the people may continue to have dignity,” said Herawati.

Voice of the Scholar Community

Meanwhile, Dr. Ahmad Chumaedy, M.Pd., Secretary-General of the Forum of Doctors and Scholars of Indonesia (FDCI), finds it reasonable that the Jakarta community is pushing for Anies Baswedan to advance in the upcoming Jakarta gubernatorial election in November 2024 after his participation in the 2024 Presidential Election.

Aside from the community still needing him, Anies also wishes to continue dedicating himself to the nation and state with various strengths he possesses.

“I see that Anies is not done at one point. The Presidential Election is just an interlude. But indeed, Mr. Anies is a figure still needed by the community. If we're just talking about testing the waters, Anies received nearly 25 percent, about 40 million votes (in the presidential election),” he explained when contacted by KBA News Tuesday, June 4, 2024.

A lecturer at the Muhammadiyah University of Tangerang (UMT) assessed that the citizens of Jakarta hope Anies will lead again because he was proven successful during his five-year tenure as governor in the first period, 2017-2022. Anies introduced various breakthroughs, advancing Jakarta.

“Certainly, there are many reasons. As governor, he was able to fulfill the mandate during his five years as governor. The innovative programs in public service are considered good. Then the targets, achievements of the regional development plans were also facilitated and completed well,” he revealed.

“Besides that, also the community social programs, urban planning programs, and others, Mr. Anies is still considered to have a legacy,” continued this prolific academic writer.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Jakarta community still needs a figure like Anies Baswedan. Especially during his five years steering Jakarta, Anies promoted collaborative leadership by engaging all community elements in developing the city. In essence, the community desires continuity.

“Because they see Mr. Anies' legacy in developments like Jakarta International Stadium, pedestrian areas. There are many legacies of Mr. Anies that the community of Jakarta can enjoy. So naturally, there is a basis for the community's desire for Mr. Anies,” emphatically stated one of the authors of Analysis on Anies Baswedan’s leadership as Jakarta’s governor through Instagram on 2021-2022 published in the Journal of Communication Studies.

As known, the community support for Anies Baswedan to lead Jakarta again continues to flow. Not only ordinary citizens but also influential figures. Many have already formed volunteer nodes to win Anies in the upcoming Jakarta gubernatorial election.

Even political party support, especially the three parties that supported him in the last Presidential Election 2024, which are part of the Change Coalition—namely, PKS, NasDem, and PKB—is evident. However, Anies is still considering whether to run following various supports.