After Mega - Bintang, Comes Mega - Anies

ASSUME that Mega and PDIP are secular, and Anies is stigmatized as being from the right or political Islam. Even Mega Bintang, which transcended ideologies, once united and is recorded in history. How could Mega Anies not materialize?

The political journey of Megawati Soekarno Putri seems to be experiencing a "deja vu" process. After the 2024 presidential election, Mega must once again confront a monolithic party and power system. The existence of political parties and power under the control of a president. The difference is that Mega once faced a regime led by a general.

Mega unwittingly enters the vortex of a recurring historical cycle. She was once a fighter for democracy and constitutionality. She went through the Kudatuli incident (the July 27, 1996 tragedy, and the PDI she led was engineered by the regime to not participate in the 1997 election).

Undeterred by political pressure, Mega succeeded in building a coalition of mass bases across ideologies and political streams. History records it as the Mega-Bintang movement, an alliance of PDI and PPP supporters. The meeting between Megawati and Mudrick Sangidoe, the then-chairman of PPP Surakarta, Central Java, led to the Mega-Bintang phenomenon representing and pioneering resistance against the domination and hegemony of Golkar and the New Order government.

Now, Megawati Soekarno Putri is not alone; she is with Anies Baswedan.

Mega, who embodies Soekarnoism as the Chairperson of PDIP, has an ideological and militant mass base. Anies, a leader with character and integrity, actively promotes civil politics. Mega is one of the political leaders who helped usher in the reform movement. Anies is an authentic leader who serves as the "avant-garde" of the movement for change. Both have been victims and continue to fight to uphold the constitution and democracy.

Like it or not, whether you’re happy about it or not, the people, the country, and the nation of Indonesia need change and a better life. Mega and Anies must unite, build synergy and collaboration for the nation's safety. Both have the potential to cohesively safeguard the remaining elections to ensure they proceed with honor and dignity.

To oversee the people's sovereignty process with honesty and justice. Elections without the influence of oligarchs. The presidential election is over, and the Jakarta gubernatorial election is approaching. Not only with PPP, but together with the coalition of parties supporting the movement for change, PDIP can strengthen the opposition's political power.
It's time for Mega and Anies to leave behind the dark, grim past and look forward to a bright future for Indonesia. As both hope and believe, after Mega Bintang comes Mega Anies.

Mega Anies might become an inevitability, making it a reality is a conviction.

Yusuf Blegur, Columnist