Anies and Jakarta Gubernatorial Election: Round Two

FOLLOWING the Constitutional Court's decision on the presidential election dispute, the question arises: what is Anies Baswedan's next step? This question was posed to me by a radio host during an interview and has also been raised by various figures in my WhatsApp contacts. Several friends have called about this as well.

The answer: "Anies Baswedan should run again for governor in Jakarta."

Should Anies run again? Absolutely! It is essential and inevitable. Why? First, to continue the change agenda. Jakarta has transformed significantly under Anies and must continue evolving into a city that is environmentally, socially, and politically friendly—progressing into a more advanced, modern, and globally recognized city. Anies has proven capable during his five-year leadership from 2017 to 2022.

The constitution allows Anies Baswedan to run a second time in the Jakarta gubernatorial election. There is no need for litigation at the Constitutional Court (MK). All regulatory frameworks provide Anies the opportunity to run in the upcoming November 2024 gubernatorial election.

Secondly, running in the Jakarta gubernatorial election is a realistic necessity for Anies to maintain a platform for long-term political influence. How can he continue the long-term change agenda without a political stage?

Are there parties backing him? It's a valid question. As an incumbent, Anies is a highly popular figure recognized for his achievements, thus greatly increasing his chances of winning. How could political parties not be interested? At least three parties that supported Anies Baswedan in the presidential election are very interested. These parties—PKS, Nasdem, and PKB—benefited from the coattail effect during the February 2024 election, but it’s not just about the coattail effect; it’s about Anies' high chances of winning. Why look for another candidate with uncertain prospects? This is the logic in every party.

From running for president to potentially running for governor again, cynical questions like these will always arise. But this isn't just about running for governor or president; it's about how the change agenda for Indonesia's future remains hopeful.

The presidential race is concluded. Prabowo-Gibran has been declared the winner by the KPU. Although PDIP has called for patience and a delay in the inauguration agenda of the president and vice-president, the court case process at PTUN is ongoing. After the legal proceedings are resolved at the MK with a decision, Candidate Pair 01 graciously accepted the MK's decision, albeit with some reservations.

"The change agenda must go on." Focus on the future and think about the agenda for change. Jakarta is the place to start again. Five years have passed, now to perfect it into ten.

Is Anies Baswedan willing to run again for governor in Jakarta?

There is no reason for Anies to decline if his supporters insist. There is no room to avoid if the supporting parties request it. Nasdem, PKS, and PKB are unified in urging Anies Baswedan to run again in the Jakarta gubernatorial election. The volunteers also press for Anies to be Jakarta's governor again, to continue the unfinished agenda for change. There must be no refusal. He must accept.

Dr. Tony Rosyid, Political Analyst and Columnist