Anies Yes, Coalition Yes

CONFIRMED, DPW PKS Jakarta proposes Anies Baswedan for governor. PKS has 18 seats in Jakarta. Just pairing up with Nasdem, PKB, and PDI-P. Adding just one more party is more than enough for PKS to nominate Anies.

Why does DPW PKS Jakarta nominate Anies for the gubernatorial race? The main reason is because PKS voters in Jakarta want Anies to be governor. There is pressure from PKS cadres and constituents in Jakarta to nominate Anies.

PKS is one of the parties most consistent in voicing its constituents' aspirations. Therefore, PKS is a very solid party. Almost similar to PDI-P, the PKS political machine operates with great discipline and militancy.

If PDI-P responds to the recommendation from DPW Jakarta to nominate Anies, then there will be a PKS-PDI-P duo. While Nasdem and PKB have already agreed from the start to support Anies. Although political dynamics continue to evolve, particularly related to the new ruler coalition being formed by Prabowo-Gibran.

What about the palace's temptation towards Nasdem and PKB? Nasdem and PKB may be invited to join the Prabowo-Gibran coalition but with one condition "not to support Anies in the Jakarta gubernatorial election."

Back to PKS, it's hard for this missionary party to ignore the aspirations of its cadres and constituents. PKS is different from PPP. Due to its neglect of its constituents, PPP failed to reach the Senate because it garnered less than four percent of the vote. This is the first time PPP has not had any representatives in the Senate since PPP was founded. And, PPP is over! PKS seems unlikely to take political steps like PPP.

By nominating Anies, PKS wants to be a party that always listens to and responds to the aspirations of its constituents. This is a hallmark of PKS. Also of PDI-P.

Besides the aspirations of cadres and constituents, DPW PKS Jakarta also has logical arguments why they should nominate Anies. First, because Anies is the incumbent. Second, Anies's electability is far ahead of other candidates. This means, Anies's chances of winning the Jakarta gubernatorial election are very high.

If Nasdem and PKB join the palace coalition, will PKS also join? Within PKS, there are pros and cons. Some want to join. Others prefer to stay outside the government and be in opposition. Something normal in political party dynamics.

If PKS chooses to join the palace, it's not a serious problem. Because Prabowo and PKS, both have an emotional and historical relationship. PKS twice supported Prabowo in the 2014 and 2019 presidential elections. They were also together in opposition from 2014 to 2019 before Prabowo joined Jokowi. Prabowo also has no issues with PKS constituents. Prabowo is not Jokowi. PKS constituents tend to resist Jokowi, but not Prabowo. PKS voters' disappointment with Prabowo joining Jokowi was more temporary. So for PKS, joining Prabowo's government would not face significant resistance. Although being in opposition is also not a bad choice. Whether to join the coalition or remain in opposition, both are equally good options for PKS.

Thus, PKS can nominate Anies in the Jakarta gubernatorial race, while also being part of Prabowo's government. For Anies himself, this is not a problem. For PKS constituents, this is also not a resistant choice. But what if joining Prabowo requires PKS to leave Anies, what will PKS choose?

Only PKS can answer that.

Dr. Tony Rosyid, Political Observer and Columnist