Is Golkar Tempted, PKS Also Courted?

JOKOWI and Gerindra continue their temptations. This time, is Golkar being tempted and PKS not? Golkar is enticed to support Ridwan Kamil's gubernatorial bid in Jakarta. Is PKS tempted to support Ridwan Kamil in the Jakarta gubernatorial election? Moving away from the coalition party supporting Anies Baswedan back to Jakarta.

Jokowi and Gerindra have differing interests in tempting PKS and Golkar. Jokowi wants his youngest son, Kaesang Pangarep, to advance in the Jakarta gubernatorial race alongside Ridwan Kamil. Only Ridwan Kamil, according to Jokowi, can match Anies Baswedan.

Gerindra's interest is naturally to target the seat left by Ridwan Kamil, the Governor of West Java. Gerindra has prepared former Golkar cadre, Dedi Mulyadi, to compete in the West Java gubernatorial race against Haru Suandharu and Ono Surono.

The tempting offer. PKS is rumored to be enticed with two ministerial positions in the Prabowo-Gibran Cabinet in exchange for supporting Ridwan Kamil against Anies Baswedan in the Jakarta gubernatorial race.

Not just two ministers. Reportedly, PKS is also offered other political compensations to leave the Anies Baswedan coalition party. Some PKS elites are tempted, but many also firmly stand by their decision to support Anies Baswedan in Jakarta.

The issue of PKS being tempted also surfaced in the 2024 Presidential Election before PKS officially announced Anies Baswedan as their presidential candidate in January 2023.

Will PKS betray its voters and supporters in the 2024 Jakarta Legislative Election? Although PKS only gained two seats, from 16 to 18 in the 2024 Jakarta Legislative Election, PKS emerged as the winner, defeating PDIP's dominance in the 2014 and 2019 periods.

Although PKS's seat increase in the 2024 Jakarta Legislative Election wasn't as significant as PKB and NasDem. PKB doubled its seats from 5 to 10. Likewise, NasDem in the 2024 Legislative Election obtained 11 seats, up from 7 previously.

The seat increase for PKS, PKB, and NasDem was partly due to the coat-tail effect of endorsing Anies Baswedan in the previous Presidential Election. Certainly, Anies Baswedan is a "political blessing" for PKS, PKB, and NasDem.

Meanwhile, the Coalition for a Progressive Indonesia (KIM) like PAN and Democrat paid a heavy price in the 2024 Jakarta Legislative Election. PAN and Democrat were ousted from the top five in the Jakarta DPRD seat tally.

It's strange that Golkar is tempted by Jokowi, who will soon step down. Risking Ridwan Kamil's political career for President Jokowi's youngest son, Kaesang Pangarep, despite Jokowi and Kaesang Pangarep being nothing to Golkar.

Reportedly, Jokowi is less confident in Ridwan Kamil opposing Anies Baswedan without PKS. Hence the rumors surfaced. PKS is tempted with two ministers and other political compensations. What drives Golkar's elites, even though Golkar's Deputy General Chairman, Ahmad Doli Kurnia, mentions Ridwan Kamil is ideally suited to compete in the West Java gubernatorial race, not Jakarta, considering Ridwan Kamil's third-place electability in Jakarta.

So, what does Golkar gain by "sacrificing" its cadres in Jakarta like Ahmad Zaki, Erwin Aksa, and Ridwan Kamil for Jokowi, who will soon leave the presidency? Airlangga Hartarto is also out of the question considering Jokowi's term is nearly over. Airlangga Hartarto is also credited with helping Prabowo become the president to succeed Jokowi.

Will PKS be swayed by the lure of ministerial positions and other political compensations at the expense of its supporters' aspirations? Haven't PPP and PBB taught PKS a valuable lesson? Because PPP and PBB betrayed their constituents' voices, they were ousted from the DPR.

God knows best.

Tarmidzi Yusuf, Columnist