Joining the Jakarta Gubernatorial Race, Anies Warmly Welcomed by Supporters

ANIES Baswedan is confirmed to run again. For Anies, this is the second round of the gubernatorial race. That's the word on the street. Almost all of Anies' volunteers in Jakarta agree: Anies should continue his work in Jakarta. There are tasks to finish and long-term plans to perfect. This is a continuation of the “Change Agenda”.

Hearing this news, the majority of supporters, especially those in Jakarta, are quite enthusiastic. The campaigning spirit has been reborn. After a brief pause, they are ready to stand with Anies Baswedan and work for the people of Jakarta. It all starts with the DKJ (Special Jakarta Region) gubernatorial election.

Anies Baswedan's decision to run again in the Jakarta gubernatorial contest forces his opponents to rethink. First, Anies Baswedan is the incumbent. The theory goes: it's tough to beat the incumbent. Access to power and established network infrastructures are solid and robust. Second, Anies Baswedan is very popular. His popularity is positive, particularly concerning his integrity and achievements as the former Governor of Jakarta.

Anies Baswedan's resilience and toughness in facing "sabotage and criminalization" have been proven during his tenure as governor (2017-2022). Anies is quite capable of standing up to the giants of power.

Third, in the February 2024 presidential election, Anies received a considerable share of the votes in Jakarta—nearly 50%. And that was against Prabowo-Gibran, who had unlimited logistical penetration. Additionally, there were other well-known national figures as competitors like Ganjar-Mahfud.

Which parties will endorse Anies Baswedan? It would be difficult for NasDem, PKB, and PKS to find reasons to reject Anies Baswedan’s candidacy. His candidacy in the DKJ gubernatorial election is the most realistic. His chances of winning are very high.

Information indicates that there are parties outside NasDem, PKB, and PKS that will support Anies, such as PDIP. PDIP, the second-largest election winner in DKJ after PKS, is currently refining its communication with the Anies Baswedan Coalition.

When talking about Jakarta, Anies Baswedan is the prominent figure. He is popular, accomplished, and has a large, highly enthusiastic supporter base. Anies' supporters appear very loyal, even militant. This is a strength not possessed by other candidates.

Then, who will PSI, Gerindra, Golkar, Democrats, and PAN nominate as Anies Baswedan’s rivals?

Specifically for PAN, is there a possibility of repeating the 2017 Jakarta gubernatorial election scenario? In that election's second round, PAN supported Anies Baswedan.

The Jakarta gubernatorial election differs from the presidential election. The coalition of parties supporting Prabowo may also split, with each party given the freedom to choose its coalition partners.

Prabowo is not Jokowi. Prabowo and Jokowi are different. Prabowo has always shown a statesmanlike spirit. It is likely that Prabowo will not openly intervene. If there is intervention, it will not be blatant. Moreover, the Jakarta gubernatorial election, along with all local elections, will be conducted in November, one month after Prabowo is inaugurated as president.

Typically, a newly inaugurated leader will appear cool and very cautious, still assessing the situation. They only become assertive in their second term.

Will Gerindra also support Anies Baswedan? Let's wait for the dynamics.

Dr. Tony Rosyid, Political Analyst and Columnist