Returning to Jakarta: The Most Rational and Strategic Choice for Anies Baswedan

THE presidential election is not just an electoral route to change national leadership but also a means to enact paradigmatic shifts in the national economic politics, aiming for a 'Fairly Prosperous Indonesia for all.' This is what the Change Warriors (Volunteers) aimed for by promoting Anies-Muhaimin in the 2024 presidential election.

When the electoral route was blocked by the Constitutional Court (MK), the energy for change did not and should not break. This energy must continue to flow and find its path. So, where should this energy for change be directed? This must be answered with tactical, logical, and strategic perspectives.

The least tactical (complicated, blundering, and disappointing) move would be for Anies to join the Prabowo-Gibran administration coalition. This would greatly hurt the public's feelings (at least the 40 million citizens per KPU count) and cause a loss of trust in Anies.

The least logical (irrational, defeatist, and diminutive) choice would be for Anies to leave the political stage and return to the world of education, as a teacher or social activist. This would weaken and even gradually kill the energy for change that many citizens hope Anies embodies.

The least strategic (misguided and haphazard) option would be for Anies to leave Indonesia and work for foreign entities in a professional capacity unrelated to national issues. This would end Anies' political career and bury the hopes of the entire nation for change.

The Most Tactical, Logical, and Strategic Option

Thus, the most tactical, logical, and strategic option is for Anies to return as the Governor of DKI Jakarta. Anies will continue to energize the movement for change and challenge everyone to strive for a more just and prosperous Indonesia together.

Tactical because Anies has an undeniable excellent track record from leading DKI Jakarta from 2017-2022. This substantial history will not be defeated by any contestant. Volunteers and the general public will strongly support Anies Baswedan. The Governorship of DKI will provide a broad stage for Anies to mobilize the energy for change across the entire country.

Logical, because the contest for the DKI gubernatorial election will attract all party elements to win Anies. Given that the DKI Jakarta parliament is composed of many council members from the parties that supported Anies in the recent 2024 presidential election, all the change programs Anies has initiated can be implemented almost perfectly due to parliamentary support, at least in the DKI Jakarta area.

Strategic because the position of the Governor of DKI Jakarta is an icon and generator of political and economic life for the whole country. The entire force for change in the nation will remain solid and active. Anies will even spark the emergence of pro-change candidates in the 2024 simultaneous local elections across various regions. Thus, Anies' volunteers in all areas will remain active by supporting candidates who promote themes of change in their regions. And that is very strategic for everyone's efforts to win Anies in the 2029 Presidential Election contest.


Ultimately, the best for Anies and all citizens in the country is to promote Anies again for Governor of DKI Jakarta in this 2024 local election. And that is the hope clearly expressed by the general public and various influential groups to Anies, during his 55th birthday celebrations on May 7, 2024, at his residence in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta. Wallahu a’lam bissawwab.

Dr. Legisan Samtafsir, Chairman of Gernas Indonesia Gemilang