Why Anies Baswedan Must Run for Jakarta Governor in 2024?

IT’S easy for us to say Abah (a fond nickname for Anies) should not run for Governor of Jakarta. His level is national, not regional. But…

Who are we? Do we have the ability to provide bargaining power for Mr. Anies over the next five years if he doesn’t hold any political power?

Anies needs to have power in these next five years. Otherwise, he will "disappear" in the political constellation of Indonesia. Remember, he doesn't own a party, nor does he have abundant wealth. He needs an (elected) position chosen by the people (of Jakarta), to show he has legitimacy and bargaining power to advance in five years as President.

Moreover, Jakarta is a premium region. Evidence of this is Jokowi, who became President after serving as Governor of Jakarta. Mr. Anies also ran for president in the last election due to his track record as Governor of Jakarta.

Jakarta is not just any region. Its residents are the most politically aware in Indonesia, have the broadest international access, and on average, have higher educational levels than other areas. Eh, Jakarta is a top-tier region, not just premium.

Let’s open our hearts and minds, be graceful, sincere, and accept the reality that Anies' chance for power is open at the Jakarta level, a region where the vibration of political strength is above other provinces.

There are many positives to Mr. Anies becoming Governor of Jakarta again (Insha’Allah):
1. Resolving the Kampung Bayam case with a focus on the underprivileged;
2. Sorting out Jakarta's legality after Jokowi moved the capital to IKN;
3. Addressing the current chaotic conditions instigated by the acting Governor;
4. Restoring and enhancing Jakarta's status as an international city accessible to the middle and lower classes;
5. Reviving the peaceful sense of brotherhood among the residents of Jakarta, among other things.
6. One more reason why Mr. Anies should again be Governor of Jakarta:

With that position, God willing, he is trusted to make Jakarta a city of solutions for national problems. Remember his track record with Contract Farming, which benefited farmers outside Jakarta?

The power of the Governor of Jakarta is immense. Are we really going to be happy if the position of Governor of Jakarta is seized by a family or a network of oligarchic nepotism? For me: God forbid. Absolutely not.

If Jakarta is led by people from a group of oligarchic nepotism, can we be sure it will be as trustworthy as Mr. Anies? Instead of providing solutions, they (usually) add new burdens to this country.

That’s it, friends. Let’s get energized to fight again.


Yoke O. Sudarbo, Political Analyst