Ordinary People Want Anies to Lead Jakarta Again

JAKARTA – North Jakarta community leader and former member of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI), Sabri Saiman, said the chances for Anies Baswedan to win the 2024 Jakarta gubernatorial election are wide open. However, he advised that before deciding to run in the election, Anies should carefully calculate the potential positive and negative impacts.

"I'm not urging him to run, but if Anies runs in the 2024 gubernatorial election, his chances of winning are wide open. In my area in Tanjung Priok, or North Jakarta, 99 percent of the residents will support him. It now depends on Anies' own decision," said Sabri Saiman in the Tanjung Priok area, North Jakarta, on Friday (17/05/2024).

Sabri, a former DPR RI member from the National Mandate Party, explained that from his observations, the support from residents for Anies indeed feels massive. Interestingly, in North Jakarta, residents supporting Anies come from those who previously supported different presidential candidates. "So, the supporters of pairs 01, 02, and 03 in the 2024 Presidential Election support Anies becoming governor again. This is unique," he continued.

"For the residents of North Jakarta, they indeed feel protected when Jakarta was led by Anies. They were not evicted arbitrarily. Everything was done with a humane approach, which is humanizing humans," said Sabri Saiman.

In the hearts and minds of Jakarta residents, the concrete legacy of Anies Baswedan's leadership is seen in the expressions of happiness from the underprivileged living in the area. "The most clear and striking thing right before our eyes is how Anies handled the residents of Kampung Bayam, whose land was built into the JIS stadium. I don't know what other problems there are. In Anies' time, residents had the right to live in the apartments near the JIS stadium."

"Another good legacy from Anies' leadership for North Jakarta residents is his decision to issue IDs for residents living in Kampung Tanah Merah. Previously, they had no clear status. Because of this lack of status, they couldn't freely access various essential facilities for living, such as electricity and clean water. The residents of Tanah Merah felt very humanized by Anies when he was the governor of Jakarta," firmly stated Sabri Saiman.

Seeing this list of accomplishments and services, Sabri continued, it is now up to Anies himself whether he will run in the 2024 gubernatorial election.

"Again, Anies should think thoroughly before deciding. I'm sure he will win the 2024 Jakarta gubernatorial election if he participates. I'm not pushing him, but I'm just reminding him. However, regarding the 2024 gubernatorial election in Jakarta, so far, Anies has no equal competitors. He has the competence and achievements during his leadership in Jakarta. It can't be denied, and the residents of North Jakarta feel it," said Sabri Saiman, affirming his stance.

The Nation's Finest Son

On another occasion, former DPR member from the Democratic Party, Yus Sudarso, strongly supported Anies Baswedan running again for the position of Governor of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta (DKJ). Because Anies is considered the nation's finest son who is intelligent and close to the people.

He stated this to KBA News on Saturday, May 18, 2024, in response to the widespread discussion about the possibility of the former Presidential Change Coalition candidate becoming the Governor of Jakarta again. Although Anies has not expressed his opinion, the issue is widely discussed.

"I have five reasons why Mr. Anies should lead Jakarta again. First, Anies is someone with above-average ability who could hold the highest office in this republic. The matter of becoming President is just a postponement for him," said the former chairman of the Democratic Party.

Second, he added, the potential of Mr. Anies as the nation's best son should not be wasted idle. "If he does not hold any position in the next five years, it means this nation is wasting a great thinker," said the recipient of a doctorate in law from Airlangga University, Surabaya.

Third, the success of leading Jakarta during the first term must absolutely be continued (sustainable development). The excellent track record of Anies must be continued to provide maximum and optimal benefits for both the city and its residents.

Anies succeeded in realizing the motto: "Advance the city, happy the citizens." "The quantitative indicators shown by the former Minister of Education are very tangible for the development

of the city and the happiness of Jakarta residents. He is a gubernatorial candidate who understands our will as Jakarta residents. It's only natural if he is elected again," said a Jakarta resident living in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta.

Fourth, he added, the people of Jakarta should be proud to be led by a 'presidential' governor. Everyone knows, Anies did not become President not because he "lost" but because he was "defeated."

Fifth, he added, the people of Jakarta already know who the best gubernatorial candidate is from the names that are circulating and mentioned by people. It cannot be denied Anies is the best candidate. "Leave the Governor of Jakarta to someone who has already proven themselves," said Yus Sudarso, who is from Bangkalan, Madura.