Anies Must Become the Governor of Jakarta in 2024 to Remain in the National Political Arena

JAKARTA - Public demands for Anies Baswedan to re-nominate himself in the Jakarta Governor Election (Pilgub) are growing stronger. Anies is considered crucial to stay in the national political contest.

Education and Political Analyst Indra Charsimiadji cited a statement from NasDem Party Chairman Surya Paloh who said Anies must remain in the whirl of Indonesian politics.

"Mr. Surya Paloh himself stated that Anies Baswedan must be in the vortex of national politics. If he does not hold a position like the Governor, his name will disappear," Indra was quoted from the YouTube account IC Official Channel on Tuesday, May 7, 2024.

This statement suggests that Anies' return to the national political scene is very possible. Competing again in the 2024 Jakarta Pilgub is not impossible for Anies.

Moreover, Anies already has an excellent track record during his term as Governor of Jakarta from 2017-2022. This could be Anies' capital to win the Jakarta Governor seat for a second term.

Indra is confident that Anies could bring new breakthroughs in Jakarta if elected as Governor.

"There are many positive things that Anies has done in Jakarta that if he leads Jakarta for another 5 years, there will definitely be even more of his works that will amaze the world," he said.

Nevertheless, he leaves all decisions up to Anies. According to him, Anies can win decisively with the existing support base in Jakarta.

"It all depends on Mr. Anies himself," he stated.

Anies Needs Support

But the competition is so intense that the party looks outside. Thus, it's actually an opportunity for Anies' volunteers who don’t have a political vehicle. #kbanews

Anies Baswedan’s volunteers who wish to advance in the 2024 Local Election should be appreciated and supported, including those without political backing. If they participate in the electoral contest, they are actually part of the struggle for change.

Political Analyst from the State Islamic University (UIN) Sunan Kalijaga in Yogyakarta, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Khamim Zarkasih Putro, M. Si stated, on several occasions, many volunteers have been wondering what can be done post-2024 presidential election.

"In my view, the ideas and concepts of change can still move forward. Keep the spirit alive, one of which is to boldly participate in the local election contests," Khamim said when contacted by KBA News, Monday, May 7, 2024.

He mentioned, although the 2024 presidential election is over, the competition between the status quo and change will continue in the local elections. "The competition still exists, but maybe it needs to be beautified to yield satisfying results," he revealed.

He observed that volunteers have already designed themselves for contestation in local political arenas. They have begun organizing the networks that were formed before to move again.

The Head of the Indonesian Cultural Studies and Religious Education Development Center at UIN Sunan Kalijaga stated that local elections are actually an opportunity for volunteers to promote change. On the other hand, many political parties have recently experienced anomalies, where they lack the best internal candidates.

Thus, like it or not, political parties are taking candidates from outside. They eventually also provide opportunities for external party candidates.

This Professor at UIN Sunan Kalijaga in Yogyakarta stated, theoretically in politics, it is ideally that parties have the best internal candidates to promote or advertise as leaders. "But the competition is so intense that the party takes from outside. So, this is actually an opportunity for Anies' volunteers who do not have a party," he explained.

Khamim expressed that volunteers could also advance through an independent route. If they can meet the support requirements verified from collecting ID cards, in some respects, independent candidates have a chance to perform. "Volunteers are more flexible and according to the candidate's concept that is considered good, so they are not haunted by pressure from any particular political party," he said.